Project: City of Glen Cove

Using Visual Simulation in Planning, Review, and Permitting Process

The purpose of Using Visual Simulation in Planning, Review, and Permitting Process is to provide the City of Glen Cove with a roadmap as to when, where and how visual simulation can be used to inform, enhance and support the public decision-making process. The report is a "how-to" guide, and focuses on Glen Cove's procedural steps in its discretionary reviews and the specific technical features of visual simulation. It recommends ways that visual simulation tools can be integrated into the public process to offer participants – the city, its citizens, and the applicant – clear choices, and help them make informed planning decisions. Evidence from communities throughout the country shows that visual simulation can help create consensus among all involved, leading to better plans and projects and more livable communities. Ultimately, the report will serve as a platform on which a set of guidelines can be adopted by the City that would articulate standards for the use of visual simulation and the obligations for applicants and the City in the following discretionary reviews:

* Major Subdivision
* Site Plan Review
* Average Density Development
* Waterfront Revitalization Area
* Variances
* Zoning Changes
* Landmark Preservation
* SEQRA: Visual Resources