Services: Training & Needs Assessment Workshops

The ESC offers a comprehensive set of trainings on using tools for design, decision-making and analysis, which can be customized to specific needs. These trainings include:

Needs Assessment:
What tools to you need? What do you currently use? What kind of work would you like to do that you currently can't? A needs assessment be done before any training is done so that the right tools and people are involved. Includes interviewing staff on current and past projects, to understand visualization needs and opportunities and the state of the technology in your office. Deliverable includes formal findings and recommendations on software/hardware upgrades, and training and staffing recommendations, both near-term and long-term. A Needs Assessment can set the agenda for subsequent trainings.

CommunityViz 2D:
Working with your staff, the ESC will assist you in applying CommunityViz's Scenario 360 tool in a real-life or staged project. ESC staff works directly with you in a "learning-by-doing" environment creating deliverables directly for the project at hand. Skills applied will include: Using Scenario 360 to expand the capabilities of ArcGIS developing formulas and models in Scenario 360, creating performance indicators and user interfaces, using capacity thresholds and alerts, and summarizing findings using charts, graphs, and reporting tools.

CommunityViz 3D:
Working with your staff, the ESC will assist you in applying CommunityViz's Site Builder tool in a project. Again working in a "learning-by-doing" environment, we will cover the 2D-3D connection and attributing 3D models, creating photo real 3D models, using a model library for generic models and creating self-installing "pack-and-go's" to share 3D scenes with anyone. Importantly, these skills will be best shown in a community planning or an interactive planning/ visioning environment to facilitate the planning process.

Using Sketch-up in Community Design:
Working with your staff, the ESC will assist show you how Sketch-Up can be used in the design process. This training includes not only people from ESC's technical staff but also our design staff, to show how interactive and iterative design can be used as a form of inquiry and exploration of what is possible out of a site. ESC designers will work directly with you, in conjunction with technical staff. Ultimately, your staff will be left with the ability to model in 3D using Sketch-Up independently.

Featured Projects

  • The ESC collaborated with ACP Planning and Visioning to develop alternative growth scenarios and a vision plan for the southwest area of Santa Fe -- an area that has been developing with a scale and character at odds with the rest of the community.