Services: Visualization & Simulation

The art of creating desirable, well functioning, and sustainable places is complicated by the accelerating rate of change and complex relationships that cities have, not only with their regions, but to the national and world economy. At the Environmental Simulation Center, innovative applications of information technology, such as 3D/GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and real-time design, analysis, 3D visualization, and predictive modeling tools are used in ways that are responsive to the complex and dynamic realities of urban environments.

Anticipating and designing for the future through the use of integrated visualization and simulation techniques is one of the most powerful methods for making informed planning and design decisions from concept through implementation and beyond. By integrating words, numbers and images in an information-rich environment, the design, scope, impact, viability and long-term sustainability of alternative scenarios of infrastructure development and regulatory policies can be visualized and assessed in real-time, and over time, as if they were actually built.

What is real-time visualization?

Download a real-time simulation example. *Read through Read Me carefully before installation.

Featured Projects

  • The ESC proposed a special-management zoning district to create a high-density, mixed-use, 24/7 community that capitalizes on the significant transportation infrastructure that is already in place in Long Island City. The proposal meets the needs of both development and community interests.