Paul Patnode

Principal Research Associate

Paul Patnode is an Architect and Urban Planner with 18 years experience in these fields. He has extensive experience in GIS, 3D modeling, and computer systems design. Mr. Patnode is the ESC's expert in GIS and decision-support systems and is the technical lead for the Human Development Overlay District. Mr. Patnode has presented his work extensively at professional conferences.

Before joining the ESC in 1999, Mr. Patnode was a planner with the Community Development Group at HNTB – a national architectural, engineering, and planning firm based in Kansas City, Missouri where he was responsible for integrating GIS into the firm's planning operations. In 1998, Patnode relocated to New York, where he had an opportunity to develop his 3D visualization skills while working in the animation department of Sony Music Studios. Clients included Columbia Records, Epic Records, and ABC television.

At the ESC, Mr. Patnode was the project manager for CommunityViz™ Planning Support Software, a software suite that integrates GIS with forecasting, impact analysis, and real-time 3D environments. He also designed the functional and design specifications for the system, and worked extensively with software developers and end users to match technology with end-user needs. He has since applied modules of CommunityViz™ to numerous ESC projects, including: the Baltimore Vision 2030 Plan, a vision plan for the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council, and the Kona Community Development Plan. He also implemented Houston's Land Development Model in its entirety using the Scenario Constructor component of CommunityViz™. Mr. Patnode also co-teaches a workshop sponsored by the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy that is designed to teach planners how to plan better using decision support tools.